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Best Bikini for Hawaii 2017

Best Bikini for Hawaii 2017

Best Hawaii Bikini for Topical Vacations

You just booked your vacation to tropical paradise. Now, all that is left to do is find that perfect bikini for your Hawaii vacation. Thankfully, the Hawaii Theory team just finished reviewing dozens of bikini brands. And, through the review process, have found a diamond in the rough.

Elle Mer swimwear has been climbing the ranks in the swimwear industry.  Rejecting typical ‘fast-fashion’ design, Elle Mer produces beautifully crafted timeless styles. Located on Maui, Elle Mer manufactures many of their products on Island (as well as in California) using the most luxurious Italian fabrics.

Elle Mer Swim

What makes Elle Mer the Best Hawaii Bikini

When it comes to bikini brands the norm is to manufacture in Bali or China – producing fast-fashion items with mediocre materials and cheap labor. This is not the case with Elle Mer. Founded by a 7th generation Maui native, the owners of Elle Mer are committed to enriching the Hawaiian Islands. This means actually employing people on the Islands and contributing to the community.

The Elle Mer manufacturing facility is centrally located on Maui to allow for easy commuting for employees. All the work done at the Maui factory is based around perfecting designs and bettering the product. Rather than a sweat shop style environment, the air-conditioned Elle Mer facility is more like a tech companies office you’d see in San Diego – complete with standing desks, open floor plan and easy going schedule.

Our Review Experience

During our review process we were surprised to learn that some of the large “Hawaii” brands like Acacia and Mikoh do very little to actually grow their businesses in Hawaii. Both are made overseas (in Bali) and employee less than 1 person on the Islands.

As we drove around the island to try and find other manufactures we saw that Elle Mer Swimwear has also adopted a highway. Going from the airport towards Paia, the stretch just before Sprecklesville and ending at Baldwin beach is kept clean thanks to Elle Mer. It is small things like this that show me just how devoted Elle Mer is to their Island home.

Better Fabric = Better Bikinis

The fabric used on Elle Mer swimwear is imported from Italy and is loaded with features like; UPF 50+ sun protection, sun cream resistant, chlorine resistant, four-way stretch, high density thread count (makes it not see through) and is made from recycled polymid (good for the environment).

The Elle Mer bikini is more than just a beach outfit, it is a wardrobe essential. Crafted with the finest Italian fabrics, each bikini is made to last a lifetime.

Elle Mer Swimwear Coupon Code

Because of the high level of craftsmanship and premium materials used, Elle Mer rarely discounts their items. Lukily for us, they provided a 15% off coupon code good towards your entire order! Simply enter code, ” HAWAIITHEORY15 ” at checkout.  Click here to shop

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