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Finding the Best Bikini

Finding the Best Bikini

Hawaiian Vacation Series:

Best bikini’s for your Hawaii vacation

Just because you have a bikini, doesn’t mean you have the right bikini for Hawaii. In this series, we explore the most common mistakes that first-time travelers to Hawaii make. In proper fashion, we start off with finding the best bikini on Maui.

Maui is an extraordinary place and home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is no wonder that the most bikini stores per square acre is in Paia, Maui. There are about 25 retail stores in Paia and over 15 of them carry bikinis or exclusively sell bikinis. Many Hawaii residents from the other Islands fly to Maui just to shop for bikinis in Paia

Ordering the right bikini for your tropical vacation

If you are getting ready for your Hawaii vacation, and are wondering what bikini to pack, then this section is for you! After speaking with countless customers I have figured out the three main bikinis that every girl needs when vacationing in Hawaii. With so many potential activities in Hawaii and the average vacation time to the Islands being a week to ten days, there are multiple outfit opportunities that you do not want to miss out on.

  1. Ocean Sports Bikinis set: Girls traveling to Hawaii to surf are going to want to spend as much time surfing the perfect warm water waves that the islands have to offer. Hawaii is home to the top surfers and surf photographers in the world. This means that any given day, big or small, there will be a plethora of camera’s aimed at the ocean and potentially at you. Looking cute while not getting fried by the sun is critical to making the most of your Hawaii surf adventure. The solution to this can be found at where they sell Elle Mer’s Sandbar Rashguard. This is the rashie that said, “Elle Mer has singlehandedly changed the rashguard scene with their feminine (but super functional) take on the surf classic.”
  2. Poolside bikinis:


Best Bikini Store in Paia

With so many options to choose from it is easy to lose focus in the quest for the best bikini.


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