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Entrepreneur Fitness Guide – Weekly Training

Entrepreneur Fitness Guide – Weekly Training

Entrepreneur fitness guide – getting started

Last week was the start of my journey to take athletic and business pursuits to the next level. The goal is two-fold:

  • For athletics, I aim to compete again at the professional level in stand up paddle racing.
  • For business, I have set a stretch goal of opening 25 accounts for my swimwear business, Elle Mer.

Both goals are far reaching and will require organization, dedication and strict training. This series will document my entrepreneur fitness guide for reference in the event I succeed! 😉

Day 1

This was the first day of my quest to “get back on the horse” after suffering dozens of setbacks. For the last year I have dealt with enormous legal fees and countless sleepless nights. Today is the start of taking control.

Business: Organized office and wrote down goals – view them here

Athletics: Ran 1.5 miles along the beach to Maui Country Club and lifted weights, followed by 1.5 mile run home.

training maui entrepreneur fitness

Day 2

Felt very tired from going to hard with my run workout on my first day back. Was very eager to get to work on my goal of getting new accounts though!

Business: Had a very productive day of taking inventory and writing orders for existing accounts to move extra product. I did a ton of cold calling as well… Lets hope this will amount to something later in the week.

Athletics: Really did not want to do anything fitness wise. Worked 14 hours and was spent! Weather was junk but there was some surf so I decided to grab my fins and do some body surfing in Paia bay. This was exactly what I needed!

entrepreneur fitness

Day 3

I drove just about the entire Island of Maui today! Meetings on every side of the Island had me running around like crazy. Sadly, the surf board I brought to get my workout in between meetings never saw the water.

Business: The plus side of all this work is that I was able to add another account! Total retail store count: 6.

Athletic: Today was my “off day”. More by necessity than desire but I am stoked to have had a successful day at work and then enjoy an evening of pizza at Flat Bread Paia

entrepreneur training guide

Day 4

Fresh from a productive day I hit the ground running in the morning – may be too hard – and got burned out around 1pm. Luckily, the surf was pumping and I did what any responsible business owner would do and close my shop for an hour while I got a surf in.

Business: Locked in meetings with a big retail chain for next week!

Athletics: Afternoon surf sesh at Hookipa beach park

aloha friday surfing

Day 5

Rest and reflect is the name of the game today. A morning hot Yoga session is exactly what my body and mind needed after a busy week.

Business: Organize notes from the weeks’ work and create a plan for the following week. Write in meetings.

Athletics: Cleanse the mind with yoga while strengthening my core.


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