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The Best Flip Flops for Men with Bunions

The Best Flip Flops for Men with Bunions

Best Flip Flops for Bunion Feet

Over the years of talking with men about flip flops for their bunions I have figured out the top three best selling options. The guys that I talked to usually wanted one of four things; snug fitting for narrow feet, looser fit for wide feet, a slide sandal to hide the bunion or a flip flop with a strap that doesn’t aggravate the bunion. Bunion flip flop reviews vary widely but I have had the first hand experience of owning a retail store in Hawaii where I’ve helped customers face-to-face with their footwear needs.

Best Bunion Sandal for Narrow Feet

For narrow feet try the Chaco’s Z-Cloud sandal ($74.95). These adjustable sandals not only give great arch support but they also have a cool toe wrap that stays clear of your bunion and a ankle strap that holds your foot in place. The footbed is their latest Z-Cloud pillow top paired with a medium compression midsole and durable rubber outsole.

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Best Bunion Sandal for Wide Feet

The guys with a slightly wider foot should check out the Katavi Sandal by Teva ($54.95). The straps are lined with neoprene, which is the same material they use on wetsuits [designed to be next to the skin]. Pair these soft straps with an anatomical shaped footbed that cradles the foot and you are ready to take on the day.

teva katavi flip flop

Best Bunion Flip Flop w/ Soft Strap

A few years, footwear giant Nike purchased stylish surf company Hurley. What came next was an ‘athleisure’ transformation within Hurley and the pioneering of many innovative products. One in particular, the Phantom Flip Flop ($70), put the flip flop industry leaders on their heels trying to figure out why they hadn’t thought of such an amazing product. The footbed features individual blocks that move with the natural flex of the foot. The strap features mini air pockets that absorb the subtle impacts with each step, giving the feel that there is nothing on your foot at all. Lastly, the design team intelligently sew’d the tow post inside the strap, leaving a seamless, non-rubbing, liner of neoprene touching your foot.

hurley flip flop review

Best Sandal to Hide a Bunion

If your goal is to cover up the bunions on your feet than there is no better, and more comfortable way, than with the Nalu Slide by OluKai ($74.95).  The adjustable strap lets you limit the pressure to your foot [bunion] while the orthodically shaped footbed keeps your arch supported and foot in place as you walk. Best part is that these slides look as great as they feel! Made with 100% waterproof materials you can take these from a day at the beach to formal beach front dinning. This bunion flip flop is one of our top picks for anyone who doesn’t like the traditional toe post style.

olukai nalu for bunions


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