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The Best Flip Flops for Women with Bunions

The Best Flip Flops for Women with Bunions

Best Women’s Flip Flop for Bunion Feet

I have spent the last seven years helping over a hundred thousand customers find the perfect pair of flip flops (read full story here). Through these face-to-face interactions with customers, I have narrowed now some of the common questions that come up. Today, we focus on finding the best flip flop for women with bunion feet. Our recommendations are grouped into the four most common question areas about women bunion flip flop recommendations.

Narrow Foot – Women Bunion Flip Flop Recommendation

For average to narrow feet, the Yoga Sling 2 ($34.95) flip flop by Sanuk is a great option. The strap design goes over the top of the foot rather than along the sides and wraps along the heel. This design essentially takes the bunion out of the equation and with super soft cotton straps your foot will surely be happy.

Best Women Bunion Flip Flop

Widder Foot – Women Bunion Flip Flop Recommendation

Those with a wider foot should try the Teva Original Universal ($49.95). This sandal has soft nylon webbing and a traditional toe post set up but also has a heel strap to keep the flip flop in place. While this sandal works for average width feet just fine I recommend it to those with wider feet as they have the option to adjust the strap for extra space.

women bunion flip flop

Women Flip Flop that Does Not Rub Bunions

Hands down the undisputed champion when it comes to a women’s flip flop that does not rub on a bunion is the Merrell Terran Post II sandal ($59.99). Featuring a unique toe post that securely cradles the big toe, these flip flops have saved the feet of many women! The sandal features a fantastic arch support as well as cushion heel for long walks. Pair these features with a soft neoprene strap and you have yourself a superior flip flop.

bunion flip flops for women

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