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Bring the Islands to Your Backyard

Bring the Islands to Your Backyard

Hawaii vacation in your own backyard

Break the thought of visiting Hawaii for hosting a party. As opposed to visiting Hawaii, arrange a Hawaii themed party at your backyard. Keep it easygoing, and request your visitors to come in the themed dress. Adorn your party location with blossoms, greenery, scented candles, and brilliant hues to make visitors feel just as they’re living in Hawaii. Serve fish and offer tropical beverages and mixed drinks at the gathering. You can likewise, incorporate fun exercises, similar to ‘hula dancing’ or ‘Hawaiian-themed Bingo’.

hawaii beach bingo

Approach your visitors to dress them as per the theme: It would not be a lot of stress to request your visitors to wear their bathing suits, shorts, or, sundresses. Hawaiian-style shirts, skirts, or board shorts are not difficult to discover amid the mid-year. Give them economical flip-flops beautified with fake blooms.

Utilize bright hues: Living in Hawaii resembles heaven. Hawaii is green, rich, and loaded with tropical blooms. Imitate the Hawaiian scene by improving your space with bright hues. Pick tablecloths in bright hues like blue or red or prints like tiki masks or flowers. By this, you will feel like you are living in Hawaii for sure.

Use Hawaiian centerpieces: Add some Hawaiian look in your centerpieces. Simply use fresh flowers for filling up the bowls or vases, for example, hibiscus or plumeria for giving a Hawaiian vibe to your tables.

hawaii centerpiece

Utilize bamboo flatware and plates: Not only, bamboo is eco-friendly; it will also assist to set your stage with a Hawaiian look. Get bamboo plates, forks, spoons, and knives from a local store, or buy them online. Combine them with merry material napkins.

Select tiki lights: Tiki lights are the reflection of Hawaiian seashore parties. Buy some of them from a local store or garden shop, and decorate them around the yard. It may be difficult to find tiki lights depending upon your location. So, the best way is to buy them online.

Get inflatable enrichments: Get some inflatable things such as volley balls, sharks and palm trees. These are ideal for a beach party, yet you can put it around home or yard. You can also utilize a helium balloon as a cooler. Use ice to fill it and then add drinks.

Cook poi: Poi is basically a traditional dish of Hawai that is made by using taro root. For making poi, first peel the taro root and then steam it. Squash that taro with poi pounder or stone pestle. Then put some water until poi is stick and smooth. At that point serve your dish to the visitors for a bona fide Hawaiian food.

Offer Hawaiian beverages: Mixed drinks, for example, a Mai Tai or Blue Hawaii would be ideal for your visitors. For kids, serve tropical juices by using pineapple. Topping the beverages with paper umbrellas will take your party to a higher level.

Easy Mai Tai recipe:  1 shot spiced rum, 1/2 shop malibu, 1 teasp grenadine, 3 oz pineapple juice, 2 oz O.J – Serve over ice

living in hawaii mai tai

Tune to Hawaiian music: Either purchase a Hawaiian music CD or download their music from web. You can also play Israel Kamakawiwo’ole or Kapena. Search for the music of local bands, for example, Pepper and Jack Johnson.

Organize your own at your backyard luau today!



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