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Week 1: Getting Back My Mojo

Week 1: Getting Back My Mojo

Struggling Entrepreneurs Fitness Guide

I have reach heights in business that I never thought possible. My business was flush with cash and doing over a million dollars a year. I had been competing at the highest level in standup paddle racing and was at the top of my game. Sure, the road to this success was difficult but the spoils of success were worth the struggle. What happened next was a series of almost impossible bad luck events that brought my life crumbling down. Within a matter of months my company was underwater and I was battling a multi-billion dollar corporation in court — costing me tens of thousands a month in money I did not have. For the last two years I have endured an onslaught of legal ass-whooping. Still standing, I have gotten my second wind and am ready to get back in the game. With this, I bring you the struggling entrepreneurs fitness guide. Not your normal get in shape guide, this is for all the entrepreneurs out there that have taken ass-whoopings and are ready to fight back.

entrepreneurs fitness guide


Surviving beat downs in business

When a big wave surfer wipes out on a wave he must settle his heart rate and stay calm.  The wave takes him through a pulverizing wash cycle lasting sometime multiple minutes. If the surfer panics, he will burn up vital oxygen and possibly drown. To prepare, the surfer practices holding his breath and relies on this training when things go south. He stays calm as the avalanche of water rolls over him. Once to shore, he is able to effortlessly float to the surface. He maintain’s  his calm and is ready for whatever is to come next.

Because of his ability to not be distracted from the chaos around him, he survives an experience that many others never would. Just as the surfer survives an impossible wipeout, successful entrepreneurs are able to close themselves off from a potentially drowning atmosphere of setbacks and maintain focus. To be able to survive these setbacks and unexpected situations without having a meltdown, the entrepreneur must train himself to maintain composure in the most hostile situations.

For many entrepreneurs, unexpected situations happen at the worst possible time. Just as the surfer pushes his limits on big waves, he does so with proper preparation and earned confidence. As an entrepreneur, it is important to put ego aside and ask for outside opinions. Entrepreneur magazine explains the pattern of mistakes entrepreneurs tend to make early on; taking on too much debt, poor sourcing decisions, pricing too low/high, and hiring too many/few employees. In the article, the overly optimistic business owner thought for sure he was to land a big project. When this didn’t happen and the economy slowed he found himself $300,000 in debt with the walls closing in. Rather than filing bankruptcy, he sought outside consultation from mentors. Within a few years, the debt was paid in full and the business was flush with close to a million dollars in annual sales ( Not letting these mistakes get to you and seeking the proper help is important to surviving the metaphorical wipe out.

Taking control with my entrepreneurs fitness guide

Over the coming weeks I will be documenting my journey though my business and fitness goals.

athletic and business goals

I have three main goals for my business and athletic ventures. Since I have had such a bad business beat-down over the last couple years I set two of the three in each category to be extremely realistic. The outlier — “20 miles paddling weekly by August” for Athletic and “25 Retail Stores by August” for Business — are stretch goals that I feel will come naturally if am able to accomplish the other two in each category.

Documentation and Accountability

From today forward, I will be recording my journal entries weekly. These will include the workouts that I did as well as the business strategies I implemented to reach my goals. It is a bad habit of mine to load up my plate during times that I feel I can be doing more, only to get swamped with an overload as older projects catch up. By documenting activity and reflecting on each day, I hope to free myself from this perpetual problem and evolve to a higher level of professionalism.

My hope with this entrepreneurs fitness guide is to document my personal journey of growth for others to learn from. Success or failure, the journey will tell the true story of the goings-on. From this, readers can review and analyze where things went right [or wrong] and position themselves to learn from my experiences.

Create your own Entrepreneurs Fitness Guide

I am the kind of person that learns by doing. Just reading about experiences does not give me a true understanding. If you are similar to me and want to learn by doing I encourage you to follow along. Below is a list of everything I am using to track my progress. I am a strong believer in support and encourage you to email me about your goals so that we can hold each other accountable (email: I look forward to hearing from you and reaching new heights in entrepreneurial goals!

What I am using for my personal entrepreneurs fitness guide:

  • Panda Planner – Available on Amazon ($29)
  • Fitness Plan from Jesse Brisendine 
  • Hoku One One Running Shoes
  • Garmin Heart Rate Watch
  • Apple Mac Book Air
  • Mushroom Coffee from Four Sigmatic


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