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FitBit Review

FitBit Review

2017 FitBit Review & Recommendations

Looking for a practical and fun gift idea? Try FitBit! This small wrist worn fitness tracker helps you reach your health & fitness goals by monitoring exercise, sleep, weight, heart rate and more. FitBit makes a great gift item and an incentive for you and your loved one to spend time exercising together. The variety of models and styles gives you a wide range of options for picking out the perfect unit.

fitbit review

Sleep Tracking Feature

One of our favorite features of the FitBit is the sleep tracking feature. This allows you to track light, deep and REM sleep each night to better understand the sleep quality. Build a better sleep routine with reminders to help you stay on track.

fitbit sleep tracking review

FitStar Personal Trainer App

With the new Fitstar personal trainer app you can take your workouts with you wherever you go. Accessible through the Fitstar App, simply click and get to work on progressing your fitness goals.

fitstar review

Purchasing a FitBit

Ready to take your training to the next level? Use the coupon below to get free shipping on your order from FitBit.

fitbit coupon

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  1. I have used the fitbit myself to help me stay accountable with my exercise routine. Just having the device on my wrist really helped to motivate me to get in the gym and complete my workout for the day. There are a ton of features on it that I still have to explore but for now I am happy with where it has gotten me athletically.

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