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Welcome to Hawaii Theory!

Welcome to Hawaii Theory!

Bringing to Island life to Your hometown

I have been working on a theory on why so many people want to move to the Hawaiian Islands so badly after visiting.  Seems like there isn’t too much theorizing, right? Perfect 80 degree weather year round, beautiful beaches, healthy lifestyle and amazing produce just to name a few pluses. But, after talking with literally ten’s of thousands of tourists, there is something more to the story…

First, you need to know a little bit about me.

I grew up in the Bay Area suburban city of Walnut Creek, CA. Not a bad place but really not much going on for a young boy that loves the ocean. Knowing I would dry up like a fish out of water, I headed south after high school and attended the University of California, Santa Barbara where I [somehow] graduated with a bachelors in economics. In my quest to be totally surrounded by the ocean I moved immediately after graduation to Oahu where I started a retail business of selling flip flops by the beach.

I sold a lot of flip flops… 2,500 pairs a month to be exact, which equates to around 180,000 pairs of slippah’s sold over my 6 year stint as shop owner. Multiply this by ten, since only about 1 in 10 would purchase, which brings the total of customers through the door to just under two million.

flip flop shops waikiki

So, when I said earlier that I have talked to, ‘literally ten’s of thousands of tourists’ I was not kidding around! Hearing stories about where people came from and where they are going got me started on my Hawaii Theory.




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